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Ierapetra in ancient times was one of the most important cities of Crete. It originally brought the name Kyrva, then Pytna, Kamiros and then Ierapytna.
During the Hellenistic period (4th-1st century BC), the city minted its own coins and had under control more land than any other Cretan city until the 2nd century BC.

In 66 BC was conquered and destroyed by Romans, but was reconstructed gaining back its former glory. It contained two theaters, an amphitheater, temples, aqueduct and numerous statues that adorned the city. During Byzantine period it was Episcopal headquarter that contained Sitia and Merabello area except Ierapetra. The Arab raid in 824 BC caused widespread destruction to the city marking the definitive end.
Very interesting facts of Ierapetra’s historic route though time can be figured out visiting its great archaeological collection that is housed in the Ottoman school.


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